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Hi, I’m Morgan Kinney, LPC-c


Illustration: Norman Duenas, “A Happy Place”

Have you tried provider after provider? Medication after medication? Maybe it’s time to try something new.

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Maybe you’ve heard of sustainable agriculture, or sustainable energy, or sustainable health. Each of these fields found a problem in the previous way of doing things.

Much of mental health has come to reduce us to diagnoses and constructs that are presumed to be primarily biological and genetic, all but ignoring the emotional toll our lived experience can take on us. Sustainable meaning shifts our focus, while not abandoning the biological elements that are so crucial to understanding our pain and handicaps.

Sustainable meaning sees meaning as a fundamental, natural and important part of our relationship to the world, one that is functional and integrates our biology, psychology, culture and sociality. By looking at how various elements of meaning interweave into a functional whole, we see how life sometimes disrupts these functions and ripples outward to everything else – even our biology – to give rise to the “symptoms” so much of psychiatry has come to be about.

And with some basic knowledge on how to predict the feedback loops of meaning, we can manage these dynamics sustainably.

No matter how weak, how debilitated you feel, you are not broken. Together we will come to understand what you are going through in a way that doesn’t make your pain who you are. We will see how deeply human your experience is, and how deeply universal. We will see how you can still respect yourself, how you are connected to others, and how you have a future. We will create strategies that are aspirational, that deal with psycho-biological symptoms as a normal part of managing our experience and a broader strategy to create balance, well-being, success and most importantly, meaning.

Wellness should never be about judgment.

Here it will be about building sustainable meaning.

Balance For All Seasons

Balance for every season